Moving to a new country requires concise planning and endless rolls of paperwork which is why The Moving Guy takes care of that for you. We do everything from documentation to packing your cargo and handling customs clearing when you get to the other side of the world.

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Our International Home Relocations package includes:


Each country has a list of compliancy for entry of their goods, the list usually require, work or residency visas, spousal visas, colour copy of passports for the family, new accommodation details, contact numbers, and filling out of customs documentation for each country, a customs guide for each destination with allowances and prohibitions of goods that may or may not enter.


Customs at both exit and entry of countries is required and involves possible inspection, questionnaires, of explanations of contents, such as the MPI in New Zealand, and declarations, AQIS in Australia and related documentation, for the UK , Ireland the Transfer of residence number applied online referred to as the TOR number, these need to be in order prior shipping.

Air freight

Is the same as for sea freight, and preclearance is required to avoid long bonded storage which cost a lot of money if airfreight is not cleared properly, this are expedited quickly and usually arrive within a week.
It is different from the point where volume and weight play a role and the airlines use a CVW term by which they charge the consignments, all airfreights require additional crating of the consignment.


This is a vital aspect of moving, as it is vital peace of mind cover in the event that goods do not arrive ,or by virtue of a force Majeur major losses are incurred through damages.
There are different options, which a compliance insurance supervisor will detail out, in all instances a valuation of the goods are required, as replacing items can be costly , items such as beds and refrigerators can cost up to 5 x more than local costs.


Palletized storage in wooden containers as found in the removal industry dimensions are approximately 2, 3 m high 2, 2 metres wide and 1, 50 m breadth- containing approx. 6 cubic metre volume or 212 cft these are stacked 3 high and handled by battery operated forklifts, stored at Linbro Park in a business estate with armed response and alarms, plus patrols.


Every packaging materials that is used in the shipping and removal industry, from double wall boxes of all sizes, for dishes and crockery to General size boxes, book boxes and Linen boxes, cushion craft, carton wrap, crates, for large items, valuable paintings, bicycles, Pianos, antiques, we supply materials as well,
Such as tape clear print paper, bubble plastic, the whole range is on offer.
Most of the materials used are recycled and recyclable to assist in complying with planet plant protection and reusable materials.

In-house clearing & expediting by sea road or air internationally

This is a specialized service that required in-depth experience and applied knowledge, from the inquiry through to file closure applying an international ISO methodology and filing systems that relate to software and management integration, to ensure that a host of phases and administration
procedures are adhered to, ensuring your goods arrive at the required destination with custom approved export and entry country to country.
An account field representative expert with the knowledge and requirements for the country you are going to will be appointed to interview and compile you relocation project with log and methodology including packing requirements, customs regulations and administration of paperwork.

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