We know that your art is just as precious as your jewels, if not more. Which is why we are delicate and precise when handling
your fine art and antiques.

We do the little and the big things, whether it be labeling, archiving or storing the articles.
We are experts at preserving and transporting your art, antiques and collectibles
so they can light up your new world when you get to your destination.

Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today.

– Will Rogers

Our Fine Art, Antiques & Collectibles package includes:

Specialized storage

Each item is supervised by a compliance officer who will write up a statement report detailing the consignment arrangement with photographs for each phase of the move.We ensure that there’s appropriate packing, crating, protective materials and transport.
It is also is about lock up and secure monitoring that must be in an environment where the curator is overseeing the safeguarding, and a at safe facility within a business estate with alarms armed response and manned security.
How we do it?
We set up an interview for client requests and requirements, we mind map the project from start to finish, followed by a detailed presentation to be edited by you for final requirements.
We set up a day or two to catalogue the consignment.


When cataloguing we draw a file for each artwork and take a picture that details the information about the appearance and condition of each piece. We proceed to itemizing, referencing and uploading this information electronically.


There are expert valuators that will issue a valuation report for compliance that can also be used for insurance purposes.


We apply for insurance cover for each piece of art with the catalogue and its secure storage details.
This is followed by a detailed discussion about the offers about price and suitability. An underwriter will then draw up a risk profile and an administrator will draw up a certificate and place the risk.

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