We understand that your pets are family, which is why we have a customized service to meet their traveling needs and ensure that they get to the destination safely. With over three decades experience in moving pets, trust The Moving Guy to get your furry friend to the other side.

Don’t Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today.

– Will Rogers

Our International Pet Relocations package includes:


Most pets may require a night or more in a boarding environment, we find a flight that is available or allowed to fly abroad due to quarantine restrictions. The Cattery and Kenneling facilities are state of the art and have been updated and refitted to suit the infrastructure of world class standards.
We interview the owners or custodians of the pets to evaluate the requirements and submit a check list to see how travel ready the pets are to qualify for intercontinental travel and how they will adjust to the receiving at the new home environment.


As with people who travel, compliance to certain documentation is required, countries requirements differ and so do the policies of the species. Exotic pets also have certain certificate requirements as.
All pets require a microchip that is approved and valid for reprogramming with new GPS and relevant details to trace owner and home. Generally a 90 day blood test has to be tested and monitored with up to date inoculations’, such as rabies and 4 other injections, the owner has to produce all the required microchip details, their vaccination book and the tray certificates approved by a state vet.
Our pet travel business unit will provide a travel kennel that is IATA approved, a familiarization session is connected, and the pets then board and relocated abroad door to door and reunited with their family.


Customs evaluates the conditions and entry for the import and export of domestic pets.
We have an inhouse business unit that liaises with administration on forwarding and clearing, exports and imports of most commodities and consignments.

State Vet (Health Check Inoculations)

Pets need a clean bill of health as in the case with people, your pets needs an approval of the state vet certificate but that in most cases this can be channeled through your approved local vet.

Travel container

The travel containers are an ISO approved for all sizes and forms of pets with selected specs for specific requests, these are advised by our pet business unit and coordinated through to departure.

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